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Precious Metals

Established over 25 years ago, our physical and financial precious metals trading business is a global market leader in delivering price risk solutions to clients.

We offer
  ● Global coverage
  ● Fully integrated product offering
  ● Tailored client solutions
  ● Standard hedging products
  ● eCommerce financial solutions
  ●  Physical capabilities
  ●  Exclusive vaulting arrangements to clients

Clearing and Vaulting:
  ●  World-class, innovative and secure solutions for managing bullion globally
  ●  Innovative client account management portal (Phoenix) for both unallocated and allocated precious metal.

Real-time electronic execution via our e-commerce platform:
  ●  Access to Real-time electronic precious metals products
  ●  Access to precious metals fixing orders and limit order

About us
  ●  Extensive experience and physical expertise
  ●  Established international client network with a global coverage model
  ●  Service clients across the supply chain: from mining to end users
  ●  One of five members of the London Precious Metals Clearing Ltd (LPMCL)
  ●  Manage commodity exposure around the clock
  ●  Global reach with strong industry presence
    o  Shareholding Member of London Precious Metals Clearing market (LMPCL)
    o  Board and market making members of the LBMA and LPPM
    o  Member of LBMA platinum and palladium benchmark
    o  Long standing relationships with leading Precious Metals refiners

Sourcing declaration

  ● Responsible Sourcing of Precious Metals declaration