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Structured Finance

We have extensive experience in Structured Financing solutions. Depending on our client’s situation and needs, financing transactions can be structured to take security over collateral owned by the client. We also have in-depth expertise in special situations and can use our physical commodity capabilities by financing against title to commodities.

We offer

We offer an expertise in the following types of financing:
  • Repo and Reverse-Repo
  • Equity Financing
  • Future-Flow Financing
  • Special Situations
  • Commodity title-based finance
  • Commodity prepays

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We can provide financing secured by a variety of collateral types, including:
  • liquid securities
  • portfolios of less liquid instruments
  • physical commodities
  • future cash flows
  • We can help sourcing financing across the capital stack
  • We have expertise in distributing risk across various channels, including a broad EM/Frontier investor base
  • We  can provide risk management services in all the Global Markets areas in which we operate, including commodities