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Credit Trading

We provide access to assets unavailable from standard sources as part of our market-leading expertise in the trading emerging market credit risk. The transaction teams include in-house specialist legal, regulatory (including exchange control), trading, sales and structuring personnel.

We offer

We offer vanilla and structured credit products in select emerging markets. Our credit products include:
● Corporate bonds
● Credit default swaps
● Credit-linked notes
● Leveraged credit-linked notes
● Total return swaps
● Credit and FX contingent corporate hedge structures (includes corporate hedge structures that involve hybrid credit products)
● Structured derivative products tailored to meet clients' interest rate, foreign exchange and credit as well as commodities risk requirements.

Talk to us

● Our experienced specialist team has in-depth knowledge of relevant tax, fiscal, legal and regulatory frameworks, thus enabling us to tailor solutions.
● All our team members are accessible to clients and potential clients.
● We are known for "best execution" delivery for our clients.
● Additional client services include the provision of ongoing mark-to-markets of existing positions.