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Money Markets

Our Money Market offering is an effective vehicle in cash flow management. We aim to build a detailed understanding of our clients’ immediate and strategic investment goals in order to ensure the most appropriate deposit or investment solution for our client’s specific requirements.

We offer

Our products include:
● Interest-bearing call accounts that allow funds to be deposited and withdrawn on demand.
● Term deposits (at fixed or floating rates) that provide a secure investment, suited to investors who require a higher yielding rate of return for a specified investment period.
● Certificates of deposit, which are tradable fixed deposits most frequently issued for terms of three to twelve months.
● Call and term loans (at fixed or floating rates) are offered from overnight to twelve months.

Talk to us

● Our experienced specialist team has in-depth knowledge of relevant tax, fiscal, legal and regulatory frameworks thus enabling us to tailor solutions.
● All our team members are accessible to clients and potential clients.
● We are known for "best execution" delivery for our clients.
● Additional investor services include; the provision of ongoing mark-to-market of existing positions.