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Interest Rates And Trading

We develop and implement solutions that meet the needs of our clients while taking into account their risk and return objectives as well as their relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.

We offer

We offer the following fixed income securities, structured notes and interest rate derivatives, with a primary focus on emerging markets:
● Government bonds
● Structured notes providing interest rate, foreign exchange, credit and equity enhanced structures
● Vanilla and structured interest rate swaps
● Cross-currency swaps
● Options including caps, floors, collars, swaptions and exotics
● Structured derivative products to meet our clients’ interest rate, currency, credit, equity as well as commodities risk needs

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● Our interest rate risk management solutions for emerging market counterparties in G10 and local currencies are supported by our experience in emerging markets globally.
● We take an integrated approach to managing financial markets risk by combining interest rate, currency, credit, equity as well as commodity risks to create customised solutions.