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China Macro Outlook

China Macro Update November 2022
China Macro Update June 2022
China Macro Update March 2022
ICBCS China Macro Outlook Presentation_Nov 2021
China Macro Update June 2021
China commentary Feb 2021

Global Markets Periodicals

China Macro Outlook Q3 2020
China commentary Oct 2020

Belt and Road Green Finance (Investment) Index (Chinese version)

Belt and Road Green Finance (Investment) Index
Belt & Road Economic Indices August 2020

China Macro Outlook
China commentary July 2020

Macro Road Signs
EM strategy01 Dec 2017

Commodities Periodicals

Nickel continues to create interest
Commodities Strategy  11 Sep 2019

A spring in the step
Commodities Weekly17 Apr 2019

What's in the price
Commodities Weekly10 Apr 2019

Base Metals Outlook - A Fork in the Road
Commodities Weekly21 Mar 2019

Gold - The long & the short of it
Commodities Weekly19 Mar 2019

Green Shoots
Commodities Weekly13 Mar 2019

China Oil Demand Update
Commodities Weekly26 Feb 2019

Zinc - Where is the metal?
Commodities Weekly18 Feb 2019

What's in the price?
Commodities Weekly05 Feb 2019

Stimulus, where art thou?
Commodities Weekly25 Jan 2019

Turn and face the change
Commodities Weekly22 Jan 2019

Gold - In a New York (Fed) Minute
Commodities Weekly11 Jan 2019